dreams from the ground

dreams from the ground~

Another battle with the night ends, the sun rises victorious
Sees a boy by the trees while giving light all around
He lit up his face and saw his dreams all so glorious
Stuck to the ground, this kid had a dream so profound..
To become one with nature, live by God’s architecture.

The sun raised every morning and watched the boy grow
Extending his arms like those the trees would unfold
The boy chose to stop moving cause his feet became slow
But now his skin became thick and he stopped feeling the cold
The determination in this kid, finally allowed him to talk to the wind
“What are you doing here? your legs are tired, your skin has dried
“I only wish is to be an oak tree..” The boy timidly reply.
“and you are willing to suffer?!” said the wind very surprised
The boy nodded “I may not make it, but at least I can try”
“I know you can make it, just be strong and courageous”
…and the wind left without saying good bye

One with Nature

( One with Nature )

Days kept moving,
and the sun simply watched as the boy grew tired
and little by little, the sun grew fond of the boy’s desire
but one day,
the boy fell to the ground.
all so slow… without making a sound.
the sun witnessed everything from the sky
but couldn’t do anything the day the boy died.

So he called up the wind,
and ask him to build the boy a grave with soil from around.
The wind quietly obeyed cause the sun couldn’t come down
but as soon as he finished his tears filled the place,
because of sorrow and memories unconsciously embraced.

The boy’s example gave great strength to the sun
and his warm breath helped finish what the boy had begun
a seed appeared from the grave the sun heed
he took care of it and gave light for it to feed
and little by little the seed grew and grew
until finally, the boy’s dream became true.


– All writing and artwork property of Rydenbreeze(c)2008


~ by rydenbreeze on April 23, 2008.

6 Responses to “dreams from the ground”

  1. Nice brother. Looks as if there’s an aura within him. Almost like fire burning in him.

  2. Wow! Great job Rick!

    It came it really nice.



  3. nice job cool stuff

  4. Lovely!!!! the story is great!! the picture is so prettyful!!!

    awesome job, XD

  5. the greens are really nice, dark and cool.

    great job

  6. again – no words, just thought for you…

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