Lois: “The Queen of the Damned”

and another piece by me… BUT YOU SHOULD SEE IT BIGGER

I wanted to make a girl surrouned by demon-like creatures. The girl looking somewhat realistic, with a nice red tone to her, and the rest of the creatures would all look sketchy and have a huge evil smile on them.

I first painted the girl and then worked on the other characters, but at the end I had to go back and fix Lois and make her look better, more realistic and natural while creating her dark but beautiful character. With the creatures, I first had in mind to have them looking like snakes, they would all look pretty much the same coming from behind her, but Im sure I had seen this somewhere else and I wanted to make something a little different. So I gave each creature characteristics of their own. It really wasn’t difficult, after making the smiles and eyes the rest of the lines just came together very naturally, as if the creatures knew what their personalities where supposed to be and my hand just gave them the bodies they asked for.

again if you haven’t click here and see it bigger and better! <~~~~~~~~


~ by rydenbreeze on April 25, 2008.

10 Responses to “Lois: “The Queen of the Damned””

  1. this is beautiful!! i love the colors and everything!! my only question is, shouldn’t Lois look a little sadder or resentful since she has all those demons inside, or did i completely miss the point…

    nonetheless, this is amazing!! you gots lots of talent!!

  2. she kinda looks happy lol okay not happy but certainly not like she’s damned. maybe she’s happy that way lol

    anyway good jobb… I like it! you’re really good at shading. her skin looks really nice and i like the way the brightness of her skin contrasts with the darkness all around her

  3. She’s their queen, ruler, or more like a summoner.

    She controls them, they obey. I wasn’t really trying to make her happy or sad, she’s simply staring at you. You got a problem with her? why don’t you go ahead and tell her, she will be more than happy to tell you what she thinks of you.


  4. oh i will

    Lady! you’re crazy!


  5. that was left by Aqua ^&^

  6. creatures are beautiful, i love this!! hmmm…nice mood, very nice!
    i want something like this on my wall in my bedroom, sweet dreams yes!!! 😉

  7. 7mGood idea.5r I compleatly disagree with last post . yal
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  8. […] #3. Lois: “The Queen of the Damned” […]

  9. wow its greeaaat i really like it, how do people make such great artwok

  10. hay i just wanted to say mad as photo im puting it as my back ground on my pc and all over facebook

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