08 // Retrospective

ah… 2008. It went by so fast. I feel like I did… very little actually. As far as artwork goes, 08’s summer was specially weak. I proably got only a few pieces done, but then again thats what happens when vacations come and you really feel like doing nothing 🙂

here is some of last years artwork, all of these images are somewhere in this site..  hunting them all one by one would actually take some work.


Best Post of ’08

***Knight’s Heavenly Sword

#3. Lois: “The Queen of the Damned”

#2. Odabrani Crteži #003

#1. “Oesis Skie” For the Sci-Fi Junkie


Oesis Skie deffinetly got me the most traffic and its the reason why I have over 10k views. Im pretty sure its the fact that its a pretty cool background that can be downloaded for free at my deviantart account. 


~ Rydenbreeze.


~ by rydenbreeze on January 7, 2009.

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