About Adiv n’ Etra

“Artists are the closest to God because they also share the burden of creation” 

I consider myself to be a creator, wanderer and dreamer but part of my life I have kept most of my thoughts to myself having a sense of selfishness and shyness. My thoughts always have a simplicity or complexity of its own and sometimes I would draw or write something rather than speaking about it. These have float around the pages of many of my different sketchbooks, notebooks, journals and they have been drawn and written on several different things or places since I was a kid.

Adiv n’ Etra is my attempt to once again keep track of my thoughts while sharing them with others. Its a new journal that will be filled with some of my drawings, designs, paintings, photographs, creative writing, random thoughts and anything that pokes my brain.

Finally, I go by the name of Rydenbreeze (or Ryden) It is also the name of my life time project and business. All the images in this site belong to me unless stated otherwise and they should not be copied or reproduced in any way. If you would like to contact me about this or any other matter please email me at rydenbreeze@gmx.com



One Response to “About Adiv n’ Etra”

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